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Need help getting started? Or, maybe you have questions about your account? Our automated loan decisioning platform is user-friendly and straightforward: Simply complete your short application to instantly get a range of real funding offers from our network of competing lenders. Still want to know more? No problem. We have answers.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to browse our FAQ to find answers to some of the most common questions our customers have. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we encourage you to submit your question through our general support form. We look forward to hearing from you and will respond, promptly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business financing can be a complicated matter. At Fimerica, we work hard to make it easy for borrowers to shop for and connect to the working capital they need. Thank you for your interest in learning more about us. You’ll find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you still have questions, please use our general support form to submit your query. We will respond promptly.

Read our FAQ to learn more.
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About Fimerica

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What is Fimerica?

Fimerica is a secure, automated online platform that provides transparency and loan details, so you can “Borrow with Confidence.” You can conveniently apply for and shop competing loan offers for multiple loan products, in private, and without the lender knowing your identity, at least, until you apply. We convert your current information, credit, and bank data into a non-identifiable score called NeuScore℠. We then use your NeuScore℠ to pre-approve your loan request against all of our lenders offering multiple loan products to find the best loan for you. We present all qualifying loan products with competing offers.

We facilitate financing for virtually any type of business even, if you have bad credit. We have lenders for virtually every situation.

Fimerica, LLC operation center is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are registered as a Delaware corporation with an administrative office in Wilmington, DE. Learn More

Who started Fimerica?

Fimerica was started by business owners for business owners. My name is Kevan Stahl, and I have been an entrepreneur my entire career. I have first-hand experience with the struggles of starting and running businesses on shoestrings, without access to much needed working capital. It was very difficult. I had some successes and some failures, but each and every experience taught me a great deal. And when it came to financing, I remember the confusion and uncertainty around the different products and lenders, and I had no time to spend on research while running my business. Adding to that confusion, lenders and products came and went, and underwriting changed regularly, making shopping for a loan a time consuming, frustrating effort.

That is why I started Fimerica. I recognized a major shortcoming in the loan application process. I worked as a loan broker for several years and witnessed my clients frustration and the need they had for clear, transparent loan options and details to make good decisions for their business. We applied technology to the loan application process and created a disruptor that will change the way you apply for loans forever.

I hope you find the features and protections Fimerica offers to be a benefit to you too! And, you can “Borrow with Confidence.” Learn More

How is Fimerica different from similar lending platforms?

We are not aware of any other service or platform like Fimerica. Fimerica is a patent pending new invention that turns the loan application process upside down. Instead of you, the applicant, shopping for a lender, we make lenders shop for you! That is, when you submit your application through Fimerica you get to shop real loan offers in private, without exposing your identity or data.

We use our proprietary, non-identifiable NeuScore℠ to qualify you for all loan products and all possible lenders, then present you with the five best offers per loan product.

You stay in control and anonymous until you decide to apply for the offers and products that are right for you. No other service provides the protections, transparency, and convenience that Fimerica does. Learn More

Is Fimerica a lender?

No, Fimerica is not a lender, we are a lender and product neutral platform. We use one application and one soft credit inquiry to qualify you for all loan products and all lenders we partner with. We then present the 5 best offers available for each product you qualify for, so you can shop privately and compare.

Fimerica is focused on providing the best loan offer for you with transparency and the best rates and repayment terms. Learn More

Aren’t you just another lender broker that shops my information to hundreds of lenders?

No, Fimerica is a new, Fintech disruptor. We put borrowers back in control of the loan shopping process. Borrowers can shop real-time loan offers anonymously for multiple loan products from competing lenders, and the best part, the lender does not know the applicant’s identity until the applicant selects a lender offer. Fimerica is a friend to business borrowers. Learn More

How does Fimerica make money?

Our service is free for applicants to use, so you may wonder how Fimerica gets paid? Fimerica does not charge a broker fee or commission. We are paid by the lenders through their marketing budgets. We also save the lender’s money, wasted expenses, and time, by connecting them to highly motivated, credit-qualified applicants. Since lenders are competing for your business, they typically pass that savings onto you in the form of better rates and fees. Learn More

How can I contact Fimerica?

Fimerica is an automated, secure platform, powered by Experian. Our platform was designed to be easy and simple. By using disciplined technology and maintaining low overhead we are able to keep our service free to all applicants. We focus on saving you and the lender time, frustration, and money.

For more information or to connect with a Fimerica representative, please use our contact form. Learn More

Borrower Information

Our Platform

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Why use Fimerica?

Fimerica puts the borrowing experience back in your control.  We save you time, money, and frustration. You no longer need to apply to lender after lender or rely on a loan broker.

With one credit inquiry and one simple application, you’ll receive instant loan offers for all products for which you qualify.

Other online marketplace platforms only “match” you with potential lenders, so there is no certainty you actually qualify and they do not provide real offers for you to compare.  Learn More

How does the Fimerica Real-Time Loan Offer platform work?

Our platform is free to use and very flexible, simple, and convenient. Step One: create your free, secure account and complete our simple application; Step Two: anonymously shop competing loan offers, from multiple lenders; Step Three: select your offers and we’ll connect you to the lender to complete your funding.

Our lenders offer competitive rates and terms. We have a streamlined application process requiring minimal documentation, and most loan products fund very quickly.  Since we offer Real-Time Loan Offers, please only use our service if you are seeking funding within the next 30 days, however, also understand, if the offers you receive are not favorable you are not obligated or committed to apply. Learn More

What is a NeuScore℠?

NeuScore℠ (pronounced “New Score”) is our proprietary method of anonymously processing your credit profile against our lender partners’ risk profiles without exposing your identity. Fimerica collects your personal and business credit, bank data, and other risk assessment data and converts it into a non-identifiable score, called a NeuScore℠.

We use your NeuScore℠ to anonymously qualify you against our lender partners’ underwriting criteria. We then present you with all of the funding products for which you qualify. Our Neuscore℠ technology allows you to anonymously shop and compare your offers at your leisure. Learn More

Privacy, Transparency & Security

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Will applying through Fimerica affect my credit score?

Absolutely not. Your credit score is safe. We use one-soft credit inquiry to qualify you for all lenders, so applying through Fimerica will not affect your credit score. However, once you apply with any lender, they will most likely need to evaluate your credit as part of closing. That would be considered a hard inquiry and could affect your credit. Learn More

Is my personal online information secure?

Yes, we use 256 bit bank level security and we continually monitor our network and system.  Our goal is to keep your private, personal information secure. We guarantee we will be diligent in making every effort to stay focused on protecting your information and data. You control which lenders see your information, because until you apply, no lender will know your identity. Learn More

Does Fimerica promote certain lenders or products?

No. Fimerica is a lender and product neutral platform. We use one application and one soft credit inquiry to qualify you for all loan products and all lenders we partner with. We then present up to 5 best offers available for each product you qualify for, so you can shop privately and compare.

Fimerica is focused on providing the best loan offer for you with transparent loan details, the best rates and repayment terms available. Learn More


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How do I apply?

Our platform is free to use and very flexible, simple, and convenient.

Step One: create your free, secure account and complete our simple application by answering a few basic questions and securely connecting your credit and bank data;

Step Two: anonymously shop loan offers for all qualifying loan products from competing lenders;

Step Three: select your offers and we’ll connect you to your lenders of choice to complete your funding. Learn More

What information do I need to apply through Fimerica?

Fimerica makes it easy and convenient for you to apply. Most information you should know or can obtain easily. Fimerica automatically and securely connects your credit and bank data. If you do not have information readily available, Fimerica makes it easy, you can save your application and return to finish when the information is available. Learn More

Do I have to be the primary owner of the business in order to apply?

Not necessarily. But, it does vary from lender to lender. Typically, if you are not the primary business owner (largest stakeholder) the lender will want both you and the primary owner to sign your loan documents. However, to save time, we suggest that the majority owner be the one to apply.


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How do I qualify?

Fimerica works with hundreds of lender partners and we offer the most sought after loan products. Since we underwrite you for all the products simultaneously, you don’t have to guess. You will know all the products you qualify for, along with how much you qualify for, without any obligation. That way there is no guessing and no surprises, and best of all, the lenders don’t know who you are until you decide to take an offer.

Keep in mind, all loan offers are subject to the lenders final underwriting. Learn More

Can I qualify if I have bad credit, NSFs, or have filed for bankruptcy?

Yes. Fimerica has lenders for virtually every credit situation. We have lenders that will approve applicants with bad credit, NSF’s in their bank account, or if you have filed bankruptcy. Full disclosure, in most cases, you will be offered loan products with higher rates and shorter terms. Learn More

Can I get a cosigner to help secure a loan?

Yes. Most lenders will allow you to add a co-signer to your loan due to being declined or to strengthen your loan application. Typically a co-signer will help you to receive better loan amount, rates or term. Please check with the lenders you select to see if a co-signer would benefit you.

What are the minimum requirements for a business loan?

This differs from lender to lender. Please see our general product guidelines. Learn More

What happens if I don’t receive any loan offers?

It would be rare that you do not receive any loan offers, however if you do, we will provide information and feedback regarding why and what steps you may take to correct the issue.

Is a personal guarantee required?

A personal guarantee is not required for all loan products, but maybe required for some. It depends on the product, the lender, and your individual profile. It will be disclosed to you once you select an offer and apply. The lender will determine if a personal guarantee is required. However, when you apply, you are not obligated to close on any particular offer.


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What size loan can I get?

Our lender partners use a variety of methods to determine the amount of financing you may qualify for, but with Fimerica, you don’t have to worry. With no obligation from you, find out all the products you qualify for along with a real-time loan amount. You are qualified for the maximum dollar amount. If you prefer a lower amount, you can make that adjustment with the lender once you select their offer and begin final underwriting.

There is no guessing and no surprises and, best of all, the lenders don’t know who you are until you decide to accept an offer. Keep in mind, all loan offers are subject to the lenders final underwriting.

How do I collect my loan funds?

After your loan has gone through final approval, the lender will typically wire transfer the loan proceeds directly to your business account.  If that will not work for your needs, we are confident our lenders can accommodate other requests.

How much time do I have to pay back the money borrowed?

There are many variables that affect your payback term. It will depend on the your individual credit profile, the strength of your business, the loan product you choose, and the lender. However, Fimerica makes it easy and convenient. With each of your customized loan offers you receive all the details needed to answer this question, including loan amount, term, rate, payment, payback schedule, and total cost/fees. Keep in mind, you are not obligated to close any offers you receive.

Lender Information

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How do I become a part of Fimerica’s lender network?

If you are a lender that would like to increase the quantity and quality of the applicants entering your sales funnel, please use our contact form and one of our associates will contact you promptly.

Why should lenders use Fimerica?

Lenders face marketing and growth issues just like your business. They are always looking for better methods to acquire more new customers at a lower cost. Fimerica solves that problem and more.

Fimerica does not charge a broker fee or commission, and we produce custom qualified applicants for less. We eliminate unnecessary expenses lenders incur due to file shopping, which saves the lender and the applicant time and money.

Most lenders use the savings Fimerica generates to be more competitive by offering lower rates and fees; making Fimerica the go to source for business financing. Learn More

Loan Brokers

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Does Fimerica work with loan brokers?

Currently, Fimerica does not accept broker relationships. Our platform is designed to connect business owners directly to the lenders they select based on the loan offers the business owner receives.

We do not charge a broker commission or broker fee. Additionally, we do not pay commissions or referral fees. Since we do not charge a broker commission, Lenders generate better offers through the Fimerica App.

Brokers will need to charge their commission and fees outside of closing and will not receive the same low loan offers as Fimerica if they directly contact the lender.

Brokers will need to charge their commissions and fees outside of closing. Plus, once they contact the lender on behalf of their client, the will not receive the same quality of loan offers as Fimerica.

Press Information

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How do I get a copy of your logo?

Download the Press kit or visit our Press page to learn more.

Who do I get in touch with to arrange an interview?

Please use our contact form to request an interview and we’ll put you in touch with the appropriate Fimerica representative.

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