Security Policy

Updated 02/01/2018

Fimerica’s Security Policy

The security of your personal information is our first priority at Fimerica, LLC. We have taken special measures to make sure that only authorized people see the information you send to us. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Agreement contain additional details about who is authorized to view your information.

Secure Web Pages

All of the pages on our web site that ask for your personal financial information are delivered to your browser through HTTPS, a secure server communications layer. You can check this encryption by checking for the key (Netscape) or lock (Internet Explorer) icon on your browser. If your browser’s security feature has been turned on, a pop up box generally notifies you when you enter a secure page.


When you send your personal financial information to us, it is protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Technology. SSL does not allow anyone to intercept and read your personal information. When you send your information to us, SSL encrypts it by translating the data into a string of gibberish characters.

Firewall Protection

Your financial information is not kept in the public area on our web server, but in a secure database that is blocked from unauthorized access. This server is maintained and monitored on a regular basis.

Password Protection

Your online account is protected by password.  It is your responsibility to keep your password and credentials safe and secure. Should your account become compromised, please change your password immediately. The password is encrypted similarly to the secure web pages as described above.

Contact Fimerica, LLC here for further questions about our security policy. Your information is safe with us!