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Qualifying for a business loan

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A new paradigm in small business lending

Qualify for real loan offers in 5 minutes

Whether you run an up and coming startup company, the bustling local pub, or a well-established accounting firm, qualifying for a business loan and having access to the fast funding you need is vital to your success. Where traditional paradigms are making financing small businesses hard, Fimerica is working hard to make small business financing easy.

Fimerica understands the struggle that small business owners face when it comes to accessing the necessary working capital to run and grow their businesses. Time-consuming applications, bait and switch “pre-qualifying” tactics, and cryptic underwriting processes from fast talking brokers promising everything and delivering little. This often ends in rejection, draining you of precious time, resources and energy. That ends here.

Fimerica makes it easy. It takes just minutes to complete our simple application. After a thorough analysis of your financial data and credit profile you’ll instantly be qualified for, and presented with, up to 20 real business loan offers for a range of loan products. All without impacting your credit score or exposing your identity!

Shop, compare and choose the offers that are right for your business.

Funding doesn’t get any easier than this

Get qualified. Get Offers. Get funded.


Fimerica’s loan shopping engine provides you with a fast, anonymous, pressure-free shopping experience and access to all of the loan details you need to compare your offers and make the best choice for your business.

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Apply in a flash

Simply create your account, provide some basic business information, and link to your bank data and credit profile to complete your free application in minutes. Qualifying for a business loan has never been easier.
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Shop and compare

Once you submit your single application, you will instantly and anonymously receive real loan offers for all products you qualify for and and from lenders for which you are credit qualified. Then you can privately compare your offers.
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Select your loan

Once you qualify for and are presented with lender offers, select up to 5 loan offers that you feel are right for your business. When you do, we’ll connect you to your chosen lenders where you can complete the funding process with a particular lender or negotiate your loan between lenders for the best deal. You’re in charge. You decide.

When you apply through Fimerica, you can be confident that you are qualified for your business loan before you connect with the lenders you choose. We don’t provide you with offer matches, we are actually qualifying you using real credit and bank data to the lenders credit criteria.




You need a loan, fast. Let us do the legwork for you.


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Not sure which loan products you qualify for? That’s ok.

No Guesswork, No Confusion Business Financing

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Confused when it comes to applying for business funding? You are not alone. Lenders and loan products are constantly changing, leaving many small business owners with more questions than answers: What type of loan should I qualify for? Is my credit good enough to qualify? What type of loan should I apply for? Which lenders offer the kind of funding I need? Is all lender underwriting the same? Frankly, the lending process is overwhelming and unnecessarily complex.

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Fimerica makes it easy for small business owners. We provide you with quick answers and the confidence to secure financing for your business. With one simple loan application, Fimerica underwrites and qualifies you for every loan product and all available lenders. We eliminate the confusion and uncertainty, by providing you with user reviews of your potential lenders and all of the loan details you need to Borrow with Confidence.

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Just a few of the factors Fimerica considers to quickly and easily qualify you for business funding.

Better Rates. Better Terms. Better Offers.

Simply put, a Better Experience for your Bottomline.

Fimerica’s lender network works hard to get small businesses funded. Together, we provide funding solutions to fit almost any business and almost every financial situation.

So, if your credit is great, that’s great. If not, that’s fine too. We rely on a number of performance indicators to quickly evaluate the overall health of your business and immediately qualify you for real-time loan offers.

Our Funding Products

Find the loan that’s right for you

You can count on Fimerica to connect you to the business loan you need when you need it. In partnership with Experian, we’re able to efficiently qualify small businesses for more loan products from competing lenders. When you apply through Fimerica, our lender neutral platform will present you with only the best offers—with the best terms and rates—for which you qualify. With 4 products and up to 20 offers from which to choose, you’re certain to find the funding solution that’s right for your business.

Loan Products Currently Available

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