Smart FinTech for Smart Businesses


Smart Fintech for Smart Businesses

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It’s transparent.

Fimerica is a fintech company that produces, real, instant financing decisions for small to mid-size businesses free of charge. Our automated platform allows loan seekers to comparatively shop real-time, legitimate loan offers, anonymously and securely. It also offers lenders a more efficient and effective way to connect with small businesses in need of funding.

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True qualification. Real Offers.

Powered by Experian, Fimerica is fully-integrated to pre-qualify thousands of applications simultaneously for multiple financial products from hundreds of competing lenders. Access to Experian’s credit data and decisioning platform, allows Fimerica to provide customers with real-time loan offers while ensuring that their online information remains secure.

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No pressure, no obligation.

Only a single soft credit inquiry is required for applicants to apply for, receive, shop, and compare competing lender offers anonymously. It’s pressure-free, efficient, private and easy. It also allows borrowers to avoid the potentially damaging hard inquiries and time-consuming bait and switch tactics that are sometimes common when applying with loan brokers or various lenders.

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