Debt Consolidation Loan

Free up cash flow

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Unsecured business debt got you down?

Roll debts into a single manageable payment

You don’t have to continue struggling with high-interest debts that sap cash flow and resources. When used by borrowers with a clear and manageable plan to get out of debt, debt consolidation can be an effective tool.

It is smart business to restructure your debt into a monthly payment that fits your budget. To qualify, you will need strong cash flow, good personal and business credit, taxes filed and current, and potentially collateral depending on the amount and your individual situation. Business debt consolidation loans are not easy to get approved, but not impossible, neither.

It may be a good option to free up cash flow for your business by consolidating your existing loans or merchant cash advances into one manageable monthly payment.

When businesses use a business debt consolidation loan to consolidate multiple merchant cash advances the business can typically save 40% or more on their monthly payment obligations.

Due to the fact that businesses have a tendency to fall into a trap and stack merchant cash advances again, business debt consolidation loans are not the easiest financing solution to get approved. The lender will likely need reassurance that this is not a pattern and that you have the cash flow to handle the debt consolidation loan, or they may require collateral.

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Debt Consolidation Loan Pros & Cons



  • Frees up unrestricted cash that can immediately be used to grow your business
  • Typically results in substantial monthly savings from current debt payments


  • Tax Returns & Financials Usually Required
  • Increased interest paid, since you are paying off debt the new lender may charge a higher rate. If you are paying off multiple cash advances you are required to pay the full fee, and with the new debt consolidation loan you are paying interest on the advance fees.
  • Can be viewed as bad business if used over and over again

General Loan Information

Max Loan Amount

  • Up to $500,000

Loan Terms & Rates

  • 1 to 5 years term
  • Monthly Payments
  • Rate 5.49% to 27.99%

Credit Requirements

  • FICO Credit Score 600+

Business Requirements

  • Good Business History

* If you meet these general loan guidelines, you will most likely receive loan offers for this funding product. Loan offers are preliminary based on the information evaluated, final funding amount offer may be adjusted during final underwriting.

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