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Fimerica makes loan shopping simple. With one easy application, Fimerica anonymously qualifies you against all of our loan products from a vast network of competing lenders. Our easy-to-use, lender neutral platform ensures that you are presented with only the best offers for which you qualify and provides transparent loan details for each offer you receive.

Armed with real loan offers and ready access to critical loan details, you’ll have both the information and opportunity you need to shop, compare and make the best financial decision for your business. Welcome to fast, secure, pressure-free loan shopping. Welcome to “Borrowing with Confidence.”


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It’s also secure, private and simple (and it won’t affect your credit)


Fimerica’s free loan platform was designed to address the lending challenges most small and mid-size businesses face. We qualify you for as many loan products as possible by looking at the health of your business as a whole—not just your credit score.

We use your bank data, business information, and a non-damaging soft credit inquiry to present real-time loan offers. While you anonymously shop and compare your funding options, our SSL encrypted, bank-level secure site ensures that your information is protected.

You’ll have complete access to loan details and lender reviews so you can make an informed borrowing decision. And when you’re ready, we’ll connect you with your chosen lenders to complete the funding process. It’s that simple. It’s that easy.

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