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Like us, our lender partners are passionate about supporting the financial health and growth of small businesses. They strive to build borrower confidence by providing a better customer experience—one that saves borrowers precious time, resources and worry.
Fimerica, along with our rapidly growing lender network, is simplifying the loan shopping and borrowing process. Our automated loan decision platform instantly qualifies borrowers, providing them with a fast, transparent, anonymous and secure loan shopping experience. Armed with real-time loan offers and ready access to critical loan details, borrowers have both the information and opportunity to make the best financial decision for their businesses.
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Our Trusted Lender Network

Connecting small business owners to the working capital they need

Fimerica’s diverse network of lender partners enables us to connect more underserved small business owners to the funding they need to start, grow and expand their business. Whether borrowers are looking to make a large, long-term investment to expand a wildly successful enterprise, or they are simply seeking a short-term loan to address a seasonal cash flow gap, Fimerica’s expansive network of trusted lenders ensures that most borrowers will be able to find and secure business funding.



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When lenders compete, everybody wins

Competition is good for business


When borrowers use Fimerica to apply and shop for business loans, they are qualified for the broadest possible selection of loan products and lenders. Our lender and product neutral platform ensures that borrowers are presented with up to 5 of the very best offers per product. After taking the time they need to carefully assess and select their offers, Fimerica connects borrowers with their selected lenders to complete their funding. Fimerica’s loan shopping platform empowers applicants, providing them with the confidence and convenience to move through the underwriting process quickly and decisively. Borrowers and lenders throughout the country are putting Fimerica to work for their businesses. You should too.

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Lender Benefits

  • Highly motivated, rigorously qualified applicants
  • Applicants qualified to lender risk tolerance using Experian credit and applicants’ bank data
  • Lower client acquisition costs and increased ROI
  • Higher client retention and renewal
  • Lower pre-qualification and underwriting costs
  • Underwriting efficiencies save lenders time and expense
  • Eliminates file shopping expenses
  • Better for your bottom line
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Borrower Benefits

  • Fast, easy and free to apply
  • Instant, real-time competing loan offers
  • You’re in control with anonymous, pressure-free loan shopping
  • Private, bank-level secure application keeps your information safe
  • Transparent terms, pricing and lender reviews
  • Saves you time and resources
  • Does not impact your credit score
  • Better for your bottom line

Here are just a few of our lender partners.

We are adding lenders routinely.

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