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How It Works

Smart Business Starts With Smart Funding

Connect with trusted lenders for your small business loans

Fimerica qualifies borrowers for a range of funding products and competing offers, in minutes. You no longer have to put up with time-consuming underwriting processes or bait and switch tactics. With Fimerica, shopping for a small business loan is convenient and easier than ever. Let us show you how.

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1. Apply for free in as little as 5 minutes

  • With one easy application, Fimerica borrowers can receive, shop, and compare real-time, competing loan offers.
  • Create your free account and provide some simple information about your business to get started.
  • Powered by Experian, our automated loan decision software instantly analyzes your linked credit and financial data to assess the overall health of your business.
  • Fimerica is designed for small businesses. Our holistic evaluation of your business allows more lenders to qualify you for more loan products, so you receive a larger selection of the best offers.
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2. Get up to 5 real-time loan offers for multiple loan products

  • Within moments of submitting your application, you’ll have up to 40 real-time, competing loan offers! (Up to 5 offers per funding product.)
  • Get upfront pricing and terms. With each of your offers, you’ll get access to lender reviews and all of the financial details you need to review and choose your loan with confidence.
  • Anonymously compare your offers. Fimerica’s bank-level secure platform protects your identity and provides you with a private, pressure-free, loan shopping experience.
  • Your information stays absolutely private until you choose to apply and authorize us to connect you with your chosen lenders. With Fimerica, your privacy and personal information are secure.
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3. Choose your loan and connect directly to your lender.

  • Select the best products and offers for you. Once you choose your loan offers, Fimerica will connect you directly with your lenders of choice and provide them with your application information.
  • Your lender will contact you directly to complete the underwriting process. With funds available in as little as 24 hours, you’ll have the business capital you need to keep your business moving.
  • Not happy with your funding offers? That’s ok. There is no obligation to accept a loan. You can have your business co-owner apply instead, or simply re-apply once your financial situation has improved.
  • Fimerica offers free, actionable steps to improve your financial health, helping you to get more offers with better terms and pricing for your future funding needs.
Secure your next loan with the confidence of knowing you’ve made the best choice for your business.

Because You Deserve Better

Straightforward, Responsible Loan Shopping for Savvy Business Owners


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Unlike most loan comparison platforms, Fimerica is much more than a mere matching service. Backed by Experian, our loan decision engine rigorously qualifies you for every business loan offer you receive from lenders you can trust.
Fimerica also arms you with transparent funding terms and rates, ensuring that there are no surprises and you’ll always know just what to expect from each lending partner. Get connected to the working capital you need with the responsible loan shopping option.
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Why Fimerica?

Because confidence looks good on you.

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  • It’s easy
  • It’s fast
  • It’s free
  • It won’t affect your credit
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  • It’s private and secure
  • Transparent terms and pricing
  • No obligation and no pressure
  • Real-time loan qualification with one soft credit inquiry.
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  • Real loan offers from competing lenders
  • Shop and compare offers anonymously
  • Choose the loan that’s right for you
  • Receive working capital in as little as 24 hours

Don’t waste your time with mere loan matching services, get credit qualified and get your real offers today

Need more reasons to apply with Fimerica?

We Believe In Small Business

Your Credit is Just Part of the Story

Small and mid-size business owners have unique financial challenges that can make meeting traditional lending requirements all but impossible. Fimerica makes it easier to fund your small business. Our Lender Partners consider a range of factors that provide a more complete picture of your credit worthiness and the overall health of your business.

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Credit Score

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Repayment History

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Time in Business

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Bank Information

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Cash Flow

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Learn more about how we make it easier to fund your small business.

Bye-Bye, Guesswork

Hello, Confidence!

Fimerica removes the guesswork by letting you know upfront the lenders, products, and loan amounts for which you qualify. And we do this without exposing your identity to potential creditors.

Secure. Transparent. Private. Trusted.

Powerful Partnerships

Fimerica actively seeks relationships with industry experts and lenders that share our passion for making the loan marketplace safer, more efficient, equitable and transparent for small and mid-size businesses. For most business owners, time and resources are at a premium. So, Fimerica was founded to make it easier, faster and less risky to find the funding you need to run and grow your business, responsibly.

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Instant Loan Decisioning Powered by Experian

Access to Experian’s data warehouse allows Fimerica to keep your online information secure while providing you with a streamlined application process and real loan decisions for a range of financial products from competing lenders. Fimerica’s fully-integrated platform quickly evaluates your financial history and requires only a single, soft credit inquiry to qualify you for multiple offers.

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Bridging the Gap Between Borrowers and Trusted Lenders.

Fimerica’s lenders are highly motivated to fund small businesses with big potential. Like us, they strive to do so in a way that is faster, simpler and responsible. We all believe there’s a better, smarter way to support the financial health of small businesses. It begins with a commitment to transparency in lending practices and by providing ready access to terms, rates, fees and other information that empowers borrowers and builds trust.

We’re committed to protecting customer privacy. We employ bank-level SSL encryption and observe online security best practices.
Transparency you can depend on. Login to read what other borrowers have to say about our lender partners and to leave a review of your own.

You have questions? We have answers.

Visit our FAQ to find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.