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About Fimerica

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By Business owners for business owners

Who started Fimerica?

Kevan Stahl founded Fimerica. As a lifelong entrepreneur, he’s had first-hand experience with the all-too-common struggles of starting and running businesses on a shoestring, without access to much needed working capital. Each experience taught Kevan a great deal.

Like most small business owners, Kevan recalls his business loan shopping experience as a time-consuming, frustrating effort:


“When it came to financing, I remember the confusion and uncertainty around the different products and lenders, and I had no time to spend on research while running my business. I always worried about the security of my financial information and the potential hits my credit score might take as I explored my funding options. I also learned all too quickly about the harassing calls and emails that frustrated my staff and plugged my phone lines and inbox. Add to that confusion and worry, the fact that lenders and products came and went, and underwriting processes changed regularly. It was very stressful and frustrating. But I knew there had to be a transparent, more secure, and better way.”

Kevan also worked as a loan broker for several years and witnessed his clients’ frustration with the loan application process. They had a real need for clear, transparent loan options and details to make good decisions for their businesses.

Kevan’s insights from his days as a loan broker and his first-hand funding challenges as a small business owner fueled his passion for giving small businesses a faster, easier and more transparent way to find appropriate business funding so they could borrow with confidence.

So, he started Fimerica, smart fintech for smart, on-the-go business owners. Kevan pulled together a group of brilliant people to create a real-time loan shopping and comparison tool that is changing the way small businesses shop and apply for loans. As Fimerica continues to grow and expand its loan offerings we hope you find the features, protections and conveniences that Fimerica offers to be a benefit to you and your business.

Borrow smarter. Borrow Better. Borrow with Confidence.

The Company and the Tech

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Fimerica LLC operation center is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are registered as a Delaware corporation with an administrative office in Wilmington, DE.
Fimerica’s groundbreaking loan decision engine makes shopping for small business loans convenient and easier than ever for on the go business owners. Applicants are rigorously qualified in real-time for multiple loan products and offers from competing lenders. Powered by Experian, our automated, bank-level secure and fully-integrated platform is lender neutral and provides customers with a responsible, anonymous and cost-free loan shopping experience.
We are committed to creating a borrower-friendly, equitable and transparent marketplace in which the lenders compete for your business by offering you better terms, better pricing and a better lending experience.

Interested in learning more about Fimerica?

Visit our FAQ to find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.